This happened in ESN Hungary

The new Board of ESN Hungary, whom we have elected in February and later in March has started their new mandate on the 1st of June. If you would like to know more about their transition weekend and meet them just

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AUDIT COMISSION vote ended. Here are the results announced by the President of ESN Hungary, Blanka Korsós

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ANNOUNCEMENT: We are happy to share, that the Board has set up not one but two Board support groups, the HunCom and the NR Support Team. If you are interested who the members are and what will they do
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ESN Hungary abroad


EYE2023 (Engaging and Empowering Youth Europeans) took place in Strassburg and ESN Hungary member were there. Are you interested in what EYE is and how did our participants, including or National Representative, Noémi Papp, felt themselves while spending their time there don’t go any further, and 
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Community Meetings took place in Vienna with the participation of Ágnes Sárközi, the Vice-president. The position specific committees meet only twice a year from all countries with ESN sections to discuss their issues and to solve problems together. If you are interested what was it like this time don’t hesitate, and just 
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After all these fantastic news, I would like to share with you an opportunity you also have. Let’s main chair! Eszter Debreczeni, Financial Vice-President was the main chair of the Swedish National Assembly. If you would like to get now more about it click on read more or simply come to the next NA to get your experience (wink wink)
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International news time


Did you know that during summer time not only the Board of ESN Hungary changes, but the International Board also? If not, now you know. Read Rita’s welcoming words by clicking on 
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Did you know, that there is a championship called World InterUniversities Championships? If this is your first time to hear about it, don’t worry, you get more info by clicking here and 


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