Don’t make the same mistake that many Erasmus students make!


Instead, get the best out of your international experience in Budapest by taking advantage of short, high-quality courses that can actually help you find success and meaning in life.


All ESN card holder get a 10% discount on the GiLE Foundation’s short courses!


The courses can help you to:

  • Develop various skills and techniques that are not taught, or focussed enough on, at your university or college.
  • Learn how to set out and achieve your career goals more effectively and more efficiently.
  • Improve your communication skills and develop your character.



As a result of extensive research, the GiLE Foundation identified that soft skills training are in significant demand nowadays and that more and more employers are requiring graduates to have developed these skills in order to land jobs in an increasingly competitive market.

This is why the GiLE Academy was established to help students and recent graduates with (1) career planning, (2) communication skills and (3) character building, in order to  develop their skills and competencies, which in turn will help them make a smoother transition into a successful job.


1. Career planning courses normally cover:

a. Career planning inspired by design thinking.
b. Personal branding and networking skills.
c. Interview techniques and CV writing.

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2. Communication skills courses normally cover:

a. How to communicate with confidence and clarity.
b. Presenting with impact and flow.
c. Storytelling techniques.

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3. Character building courses normally cover:

a. How to develop a growth mindset.
b. Stress and anxiety management.
c. Digital emotional intelligence.

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Everything is about balance!

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to develop new skills and meet new people at the exact same time.