Dear ESN Hungary!

Yes. Again. A National Platform. Plenaries, workshops, small sessions, teambuildings... Attending all these for two whole days can be really tiring in order to be effective and productive. After a nice social programme during the night it is always hard to wake up, dress up and do all the preparations to be fresh again for the long discussions. We need a secret source of power that keeps us energized for the whole day, right? What if we tell you that on this National Platform the joint OC of ESN IBS and ESN Szeged are going to give you this secret source power?! Let’s name it: MUSIC!

The sound of our favourite beat, a step of our most precious dance, or the voice of one of our beloved singers in ESN Hungary always boos us! So we thought we are going to turn this NP into a musical! Which means lots of singing, dancing, performances, and fun of course!

Come and embrace the first thematic National Platform of ESN Hungary!

Place: Szeged

Date: 12th-14th May

The price and more details coming soon!

Are you ready to feel the #SoundOfESN?

12/05/2017 - 15:00 to 15/05/2017 - 17:45