Dear ESN Hungary members,

On the 3rd of February will start the first National Platform of 2017, which is gonna be one of the most important one. Why? Because the election of the next National Board will take place on this Platform. 

The location is Gödöllő, the event is organised by ESN SZIE, and you can expect a very fruitful NP, because the section already started to organise everything, to make the most out of it!

Date and location:

3rd to 5th of February in Gödöllő, Páter Károly utca 1.


2 Nights - 13.000 (accomodation for two nights, dinner for friday and saturday, breakfast for saturday and sundy, and lunch for saturday, plus the meals at the coffe breaks)

1 Night - 9.000 (accomodation and meals for that one day and night)

You can pay in cash at the entrance, when you arrive. If you need an invoice, please mark it during the registration. 


Detailed program and agenda are coming in the upcoming days.

Until that, invite every relevant person to the event, let's get together and have an amazing NP!


Facebook event:

03/02/2017 - 16:00 to 06/02/2017 - 17:45