Are you a student from the semester of 2017 Spring and your student card is still valid? Then we have great news for you! 

You are able to get your 7 day ticket for a discounted price:
Instead of paying ***99 900 Ft*** ---> it's only ***57 990 Ft***, if you buy it with our team name and password.

You can join at this page (you can set the page to english at the top right corner, under "Nyelv" -> "Angol"):

Team Name: Sziget with ESN
Password: UZ8FSN

Write to [email protected]m for more information about how can you get it ;) 

And here is the page for the Student Ticket program: http://meex.hu/jegyek/sziget-fesztival-en

If you want to know more about the event, check out the link below:

And if you're sure, you will come to Sziget, here is a group for you with all the Erasmus students, who will return for the festival to reunite!https://goo.gl/Tr2jAa

09/08/2017 to 15/08/2017