Portugal is facing one of the most terrifying fires of its history, with more than 60 deaths so far.
ESN Portugal is trying to help all people involved in the combat of this fire, mostly the firefighters and the community, by providing information about what they need to fight this horrible fire.

If you feel like getting into this solidarity movement, you can support them by making a donation to the account:
Unidos por Pedrogão

United by Pedrogão:

Solidarity Account Cash: 0001 100000 330

IBAN PT50 0035 0001 00100000330 42

If you are living or travelling in Portugal and if you feel you could help, you can deliver the following items:

  • Water, juice, milk and other foods (cereal bars, cookies, fruit, canned food) are kindly requested, if possible, in small doses / small packages to be distributed by each firefighter;
  • Physiological saline, blankets, food, water, clothes to the people affected by the fire

… at the following fire brigades:

  • Firefighters of Penela
  • Firefighters Volunteers of Góis
  • Firefighters Volunteers of Miranda do Corvo
  • Firefighters Volunteers of Oliveira do Hospital
  • Firefighters Volunteers of Ansião
  • Volunteer Firefighters of Coimbra
  • Firefighters of Coimbra and Lisbon: They accept donations that will then be delivered to the corporations most in need.
  • Volunteer Firefighters of Brasfemes
  • Firefighters of Condeixa
  • Firefighters Volunteers of Leiria: They accept donations that will later be delivered in Pedrógão Grande (blankets and clothes, water, milk, sticks)
  • Firefighters Of Alvaiázere
  • Firefighters Volunteers Marinha Grande and Firefighters Volunteers Vieira de Leiria: They accept pillows, blankets and sheets for later delivery in Pedrógão Grande.


- All the information that can help organise the necessary help will be welcomed;


The health centre of Pedrógão Grande was transformed into a hospital centre to treat the wounded and the victims of the fire. They ask for the help of health professionals.


Caixa Geral de Depósitos created a solidarity account - United by Pedrogão:

Solidarity Account Cash 0001 100000 330

IBAN PT50 0035 0001 00100000330 42

All the help is welcome! You can also leave supportive messages!


Thank you so much for reading this