Extraordinary Online National Assembly of ESN Hungary 

Written by Márton Beer

This was ESN Hungary’s Extraordinary National Assembly for the year of 2022, it was created for the reason of finding new National Board member candidates. It took place online on Webex. Overall, we had around 26 participants with 3 International guests from ESN Croatia, ESN Romania and ESN Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mainly the Elections of ESN Hungary took place again, we had 3 applicants, one for the National President Position, another for the Vice-President Position, and one for the National Representative Position.

For the National Board Elections, we had 3 candidates, all 3 candidates were experienced ESNers and we were happy that they applied and were very interested in their plans.  All 3 of the candidates had the chance to present their application and for the participants to ask questions. The voting’s happened online via email voting links. All 3 of the candidates were accepted in their applied positions!

Congratulations to the elected National Members of ESN Hungary for the mandate of 2022/23!

National Board for 2022/23

President: Balázs Krabácz
Vice-President: Noémi Papp
Vice-President of Finances: Eszter Debreceni
National Representative: Attila Nikula

Audit Commission for 2022/23

Main Auditor: Fédra Vincze

ESN Hungary wishes all of you an amazing and fruitfull mandate!!