ESN Hungary's Christmas Gala 2021

Written by Márton Beer

On December 18th of 2021 ESN Hungary held its annual Gala awards ceremony this time combined with our ESN Christmas Celebration. Together with our 14 sections we celebrated Christmas with our home cooked cookies in Corvinus University of Budapest provided by ESN Corvinus. As tradition we played a Gala video featuring the sections and their amazing activities during the year.

The highlight of the evening was the Gala Award ceremony, where we revealed the results of the Award winners of the year 2021. The results were:
  • Section of the Year: ESN BME
  • Development of the Year: ESN Pécs
  • Best Practice of the Year: ESN Corvinus - Feedback System
  • Best Visual Content of the Year: ESN Debrecen - Survival Grid
  • Best Event, for ESNers: ESN Debrecen - National Assembly 2021 Autumn
  • Best Event, for International Students: ESN Corvinus - Dragon Boating
  • Best Cultural Event of the Year: ESN Pécs - Country Presentation
  • Best Social Inclusion Event of the Year: ESN Szeged - Charity Jam Session
  • Best Green Event of the Year: ESN Corvinus - Eco-friendly Hike with BAIS
  • Best Health & Well-being Event of the Year: ESN Corvinus - Art & Mental Health Workshop
  • ESNer of the Year on the Local Level: Ágnes Sárközi (ESN BME)
  • ESNer of the Year on the National Level: Eszter Gyöngyösi (National Event Coordinator)
Congratulations to the winners and thank you to all of you who nominated your activities, projects or sections as a whole. You showed us how challenges could be turned into opportunities this year and we were amazed to see the growth of your teams and the unique events and projects you created. We are really proud of you and cannot wait to see this network improve further! 
But there is more work ahead of us, see you all in 2022!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays from ESN Hungary!