POV: you are the Main Chair of the National Assembly of ESN Sweden


Have you ever heard of the ESN Sea Battle? No? It’s an event organized by ESN Sweden on a cruise ship. 3 days, 1200 ESNers, all day activities, such as yoga, brunch, and of course parties every night.

For more info: ESN Sea Battle (@esnseabattle) • Instagram-fényképek és -videók)


Sounds fun, right? 


As a participant, yes, but as an organizer? A lot of work, for sure. 


This event is the main reason why the National Event Manager position is crucial for the National Board of ESN Sweden. And I had the incredible opportunity to be the Main Chair of the National Assembly in the beautiful city of Örebro, where ESN Sweden elected their new board members. 


After spending 2 days in Karlstad and having fun with their ESN members, we arrived to Örebro on Friday the 9th of June, to have the NA over the weekend. After a sightseeing tour, the Chairing Team (myself, Tegshig from ESN Germany as Vice Chair, and Neli, VP of ESN Bulgaria as Technical Chair) visited the university to check on the main auditorium & the rooms available for us for the workshops. 


On Saturday and Sunday we had 2 days full of plenaries & workshops. Board updates, candidate presentations, guest speakers, question rounds & of course the Fika Breaks (coffee breaks - for my fellow Hungarians, yes, I did explain the joke to the Swedes).


It was a great experience for me as a National Board member: I had the opportunity to reflect on our strengths and weaknesses, rethink our focal points, as well as give valuable feedback for the Board of ESN Sweden. I learned a lot about the procedures & structure of another ESN country , and I am planning to implement as much of my experiences to ESN Hungary, as I can, and as much as you let me of course.


First I would like to thank my incredible Chairing Team Colleagues, Tegshigzugder Otgonbayar and Neli Stoilova for the smooth work and all the fun we had. Another special thanks goes to Ines Santos, the Vice president of ESN Sweden, and Board Responsible for the NA for all the support we got from her. It was a blast to work with you!


And my biggest hugs go to Mohammed Toufiq Rizwan, Rizzi for hosting me in Karlstad, showing me all kinds of Swedish fun, but first and foremost for pressuring me into applying for the MC position. You are the reason of my newly found motivation and plans.


Love you all,


National Treasure(r) of ESN Hungary