1st Section in the Spotlight: ESN SZIE

Section in the Spotlight is an old-new project we wanted to revive and we are really proud of, so let us introduce you the first Section in the Spotlight 2016 by ESN Hungary, ESN SZIE!

The section of Szent István University joined our network in 2012 bringing ESN spirit into the student life of Gödöllő. The section is led by the local President, and couple of other board members supporting his/her work:a Vice-President, who coordinates the local Buddy system, a PR manager, a Program and a SocialErasmus Coordinator. Students can apply in the beginning of the semesters to be a part of the organisation. After having a successful interview, candidates get one month to show their skills and motivation before becoming a full member of ESN SZIE. Until now, they only had one mentor meeting for the newbies, but they are planning to organise team-buildings, workshops and trainings for them. In 2013 the section organised a National Platform, and since then they have never missed any of the strategic decision-making platforms of ESN Hungary.

Although they don’t have a Flagship Event, they organise numerous colorful programs for Erasmus and International students, what they promote on Facebook and personally. The Orientation Week should be highlighted, as they organise each day a different program. For example on the first day they make a formal Opening Ceremony, where students can get to know each other. The day after they guide them in Gödöllő and in the university, visit Budapest, and make team-building events for the incoming students.

The other important events of ESN SZIE are the Cultural Day and City Rally, which means students make groups with same nationalities and they have to make a presentation about their country (this is not obligatory, obviously, but fun). Then the teams get a map, so they can start the treasure hunt in Gödöllő with different kind of stations and tasks.

However ESN SZIE members have not filled any national or international ESN positions yet, their volunteers are quite active and planning to do so. The local board also believes it is a great chance to bring the wider world of ESN even closer to their local members.


Keep up the good work, you make ESN Hungary a stronger community!


Best of luck in the future ESN SZIE!