• If you ever wondered how does it feel like to Chair an NA, for different NOs, you've come to the right place. Dive in to see how our lovely Treasurer enjoyed spending time in Örebro.
  • On 25th - 27th of February 2022, ESN Hungary held it's Elective National Assembly near the beautiful Lake of Velence hosted by ESN ELTE and ESN Óbuda University
  • On December 18th of 2021 ESN Hungary held its annual Gala awards ceremony this time combined with our ESN Christmas Celebration.
  • On 12th - 14th of November 2021, ESN Hungary held its first physical NA since the beginning of 2020 and the pandemic. It took place in the beautiful city of Debrecen hosted by ESN Debrecen and ESN Nyíregyháza.
  • The Changemakers Youth Forum #CYF is an international platform that offers opportunities for skills development and actively promotes youth engagement, youth participation and youth leadership.