“The position-specific communities of ESN International (Education Committee, HR & Network, Training & Activities, IT Committee, Business & Finance, Communication Committee) meet up twice a year to gain knowledge from experienced trainers and to exchange best practices. The event is open for local or national position holders and it is aimed for them to get to know each other. This time 4 CMs out of 6 took place in Vienna between 15-18. June 2023, while ITcom and EduCom met in Brussels.

ESN Hungary was represented by Eszter (National Treasurer) and Ági (National Vice President) at the BFC and the HRxN, respectively. We learned about community and crisis management, how to create elevator speeches, ESNcard promotion, grant applications as well as strategic HR management, among other topics. It was an amazing experience to learn about the structure of other countries, how our colleagues implemented new ideas and improved their NOs or sections. The meetings gave both of us huge motivational boosts at the very beginning of our mandates, not just because of the informative sessions but the new friendships we made and the fun we had during the weekend.

Vienna and the Viennese sections proved themselves again as first-class hosts and set an example we all want to follow. We had the chance to dip in the Danube on Thursday, to wine and hike on Friday and to join the Vienna Pride on Saturday. For many of the participants this was the first Pride and luckily, we could enjoy it in a safe environment without being worried about atrocities.

 The next Community Meetings take place in Málaga and Copenhagen in early September, and we are eager to share the experiences with you about that one too.”

Ágnes Sárközi, Vice-President