If you ever wondered what it’s like to attend on an international event, I believe the best idea is to read some exciting news and reports from the ones, who has previously attended. This time we bring you the fresh new reports written by András Szepes and Noémi Papp about their time during the EYE (Engaging and Empowering Youth Europeans). 


“I had the privilege to participate in the European Youth Event (EYE), an extraordinary gathering of young people from all over Europe, held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France. The event was a remarkable opportunity for me to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures, all sharing a common interest in shaping the future of Europe.


During my time at EYE, I had the chance to engage in various programs that focused on promoting active citizenship and global education. The Active Citizenship and Global Education program provided a comprehensive platform for discussions on the role of young people in shaping society and promoting democratic values. It was inspiring to witness the passion and dedication of fellow participants as we delved into topics such as civic engagement, intercultural understanding, and the importance of education in fostering global citizenship.


One of the standout moments for me was a workshop organized by the Slovenian Youth Council. The workshop emphasized the significance of empathy and cultural awareness in building bridges between different communities. It was truly eye-opening to hear personal stories and experiences from participants, which further solidified my belief in the power of active citizenship and the positive impact it can have on societies.


Another program that left a lasting impression on me was the Impact of Student Mobility program. Through this program, I had the opportunity to hear firsthand accounts from individuals who had participated in initiatives like Erasmus+ and study abroad programs. Listening to their stories about how these experiences had transformed their lives, enhanced their intercultural competence, and fueled their passion for active citizenship was incredibly inspiring. It made me realize the immense value of promoting student mobility opportunities to foster cooperation, understanding, and a sense of unity among young Europeans.


Furthermore, the Mobility for Skills and Employability program shed light on the link between mobility experiences and the development of essential skills for the modern job market. Engaging in discussions about adaptability, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills reinforced the notion that international experiences play a vital role in equipping young Europeans with the competencies needed to thrive in an interconnected world. It motivated me to seek out similar opportunities to enhance my own skill set and broaden my horizons.


The EYE event also placed a strong emphasis on the upcoming 2024 EU elections. Through informative sessions and engaging debates, we explored the challenges Europe faces and the ways in which young people can actively contribute to addressing them. This was of particular significance to me, as I work as a volunteer event organizer for the Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The knowledge I gained about EU institutions, policies, and the importance of political participation will undoubtedly inform my future endeavors in organizing events that promote active democratic engagement among students.


Attending the European Youth Event was an unforgettable experience that provided me with valuable insights and expanded my understanding of the significance of active citizenship, global education, and the upcoming EU elections. The connections I made and the knowledge I gained during the event will continue to shape my personal and professional journey as I strive to contribute to a more united and inclusive Europe.”

András Szepes, Event Manager of ESN ELTE


“A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend my first ever EYE event, which took place in Strasbourg this year. As I’ve never attended an event like this before I had no high expectations towards it, admitting that I know how much time and effort it takes to bring together an opportunity that could benefit a massive variety of people.


As flight tickets skyrocketed a few weeks after I received the email that I was selected as one of the participants, alongside Daniel, we decided that we are going to challenge ourselves and we are going to take a 15 hour bus ride to France. And let us reassure you, this wasn’t the funniest, nor the most challenging part of the event. 🙂


We got to the city a day before the event started, so we would have the chance to do a bit of sight-seeing before hopping into changing the world. None of what we wished went according to our plan, which was a huge life lesson for me as I’m a massive planner. But the city allowed me to learn how to go with the so-called flow a little bit more. I can honestly say that after spending a couple of days in the city it has a very unique atmosphere that did not match any other European big city vibes that I’ve been to before. And I’ve been to most of the big European cities that you can think of. 


The entire event was well coordinated I would say. We had the chance to register for different events and workshops through an app, so it was pretty easy to follow our own schedules, as everything we needed was literally in our hands the entire time. 


In case you’d like to see what our agendas looked like, you can check them out here. - missing agenda

The setting consisted of two main areas, we could either enter the Parliament building, or we could stay in the EYE village, which had an amazing atmosphere, packed with huge tents, allowing different workshops and small sessions to take place at. This is where we met with the majority of our fellow ESNers from many countries. It was amazing to see so many of them from a previous event of ours, the EU-US young leaders seminar, which took place in Brussels. So picture a festival-like atmosphere, where you could gain so much knowledge without even noticing it. We shared experiences here, caught up with each other, and started to envision where we would meet up again. This was the exact scene where Daniel held a session with MEP Marcos Ros, led by our former president of AISBL Juan Rayon Gonzales. 


Other than the Village, we could enter the Parliament several times. Because there was a high demand on getting in, and the building has a set capacity, we had to respect the rules and regulations of the event, and we had to get out whenever we did not have a session inside, therefore everyone could get in on a rotating manner. I was quite upset every time I had to leave the building, since they had so many amazing extra activities, starting with an interpreter booth, various Kahoot quizzes on how well you know the different languages of the European Union. They also provided chances, with a technical background to gather ideas, and initiatives on how to make the EU better and more relevant to the youth. Which was amazing as it was. 


Once you registered for the event it was compulsory to show up, but there was room for some changes if you wanted to have some. Once we finished with our workshops and training, and small sessions, we were allowed to head-off, enjoy each other’s company and do more of our beloved city strolls. And we used every chance we had to do all these things. We also went out with a mini ESN delegation both days, It was amazing. 


All in all, I would highly recommend attending an event like this whenever you have the chance. You have the opportunity to meet like minded people, widen your knowledge on matters that have a huge effect on our daily lives, and broaden your ESN network, all by having fun and enjoying a unique city that never misses to surprise you in the most unexpected ways possible. 


If you’d like to know more, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of the attendees of the event, and come to our upcoming NA, where we have a dedicated small session, where all these people will talk about their experiences they had during the event. This would be an amazing opportunity for everyone to have a more personalised experience on what went down at EYE.”

Noémi Papp, National Representative


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