Dear Network, 

The first of August stands as a landmark date for our Network. Many of our volunteers decide to start a new journey in ESN, while others are finally closing this chapter of their lives, heading for new adventures. For the International Board of ESN, it’s not different. At the end of the transition month, we say goodbye, appreciate the work of the ones that have led the organisation for the last two years and opened a new door to our future. And the future of ESN never looked brighter, with a full team, two experienced board members in the 2nd mandate Adéla SmejkalováAyberk Yavuz, and four ESNers, Rita DiasIoannis PagoulatosLina Mohorić and Darwyn Bruelemans full of energy and passion to work for the organisation. 



For the ones starting new mandates, remember that ESN will always be your home, just like it will be for the new generation of volunteers and students. You are now ready to make history! 


But of course, we could not write history in ESN without properly reflecting on our past achievements and joining forces, and this is what we did during the last four weeks, during the transition month when both boards worked together to establish the priorities for the new academic year


For this next year, you can expect continuous work to improve mobility and ESN's internal structures. With your feedback, we plan to continue the discussion regarding the General Policies, which will open our appetite for ideas to start setting the base for the new strategic priorities for 2026. 


Furthermore, the ESNsurvey XV is officially closed. This survey edition has been one of the most ambitious ESN has endured, reaching more than 23.000 complete answers! We want to thank you all for your work during these months. We are now ready to start analysing the data and provide answers to the student's needs. 


During this year, we also strive for increased participation at the international level and engagement in discussions that will decide our future in topics such as the future of the ESNcard. A stronger Network also means better support for internationalisation, especially with the empowerment of the Erasmus Generation Meeting and the Erasmus Destination of the Year. Also, we should strive for more participation in the digitalisation process of Erasmus+


With so many goals for next year, it’s impossible to achieve ESN dreams without the support from our Headquarters and volunteers from all corners of the world that contribute to the enrichment of society through international students by applying to the Support Structures and being part of the Organising Committees


Although new plans and initiatives are being set for the academic year, we should always remember what unites our network, the support to international mobility through the unconditional support our volunteers provide daily to thousands of young people. Soon new international students will knock on your door, the new local and national boards will plan for the year ahead, and the mobility cycle will restart. 


As soon as the new cycle starts, it’s also time for you to discover the full-world opportunities that ESN can provide you. With these opportunities, you will find new ways to impact society. Make sure you take advantage of all of them. 


We look forward to continuing to support mobility with all of you!  


With our best wishes,


Rita Dias


[email protected]

+32 477 56 78 89

Skype: president.esn